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In Old Hawaii god blessed the Aina (land) with his own beautiful creations Today there are many adornments to symbolize their blessings of Hawaii. The angel is a blessing of the spirit in Hawaii. The honu is a blessing from the sea and the flowers and seeds used in leis are a blessing from the land.

angels of hawaii
Lauhala Angels.
Lauhala Angels
The Spirit of Hawaii is weaved into each Anela (Angel). Sold individually

Turtle Treasures
The hand weaved Honu (Turtle) a hawaiian gift and a treasure to our beautiful ocean. Set of 3
hawaiian turtle honu
Lauhala Weaved Honu.

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Care of the Lauhala

A light application of mineral oil rubbed over the surface monthly will greatly lengthen the life of your Lauhala articles. An occasional pressing with an iron over a damp cloth will keep it soft.

Bernadette Mason
P.O. Box 826
Holualoa, HI. 96725
Phone: 808-925-0304
E-mail: bernadette@konacommerce.com
Hawaiian Lei
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